Steep Hills

Vigorous walk in Whitemud…up and down the trails that have opened up since the snow melt. Still mucky in places but passable, and lovely. Great views…steep hills. I’m missing my Mill Creek trails, however. The variation, the familiarity. I should be able to walk more in my old neck of the woods starting next week, as the keepers of the house and children are now back. Good timing…things are starting to green up.

Looked at my posts from last year. Hard to believe how changeable May is, but if all things go to plan…in a couple of weeks, everything will be green and pink. And I’ll be on holidays. Not sure what I’m more excited about. Oh wait. Time off. Always.

a magpie nest in a spruce

On my way to Whitemud there’s a spruce tree with a magpie nest tucked into the needles. Never seen anything like it, and what a great idea. If I were a bird, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, I’d want a condo in a spruce. So cozy, and so hidden. In fact, it would have looked like dead branches, like part of the tree, if I hadn’t seen the magpie delivering the twigs.


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