On the Way to Whitemud

Woke up to snow today. Sod it.

Many hours later, no sign of the snow, but lots of water. A very pleasant walk into Whitemud and beyond. The trails were also snow-free but too wet in the interior to walk. Maggie, on the other hand, found it neither too wet, nor too muddy, and she wasn’t walking…she was leaping…into anything resembling a puddle. I swear there’s a four year old boy in that dog.

What water?

Conversely, when she snorts herself awake in the mornings, it’s not a four year old boy but an eighty year old man hiding beneath all that fur.

No signs of life in the woods, other than a couple of ducks on the creek, oblivious to the dog staring them down on the bank. Lots of geese in the air. Must be a flight path or something. There’s always geese in the air.

Started to rain again on the way home. Very fresh and clean, but please, no more snow.


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