It’s boiling hot out there. Not temperature-wise, surprisingly, but the sun is intense. It was all I could do to keep Maggie out of the  creek this morning.

A freshly dipped Maggie

Yesterday, I was not so successful. We had a two-hour walk, and half way through Maggie jumped into the creek…up to her neck. The water is running, so I figure it’s not as filthy as it is in the summer when the creek doesn’t move and the beavers are full-on beavering. She jumped in a few times actually, and was extremely pleased with her wet n’ dirty self. But just try spraying her with a hose. Dogs are so fickle. Had to wash her down with a cloth when we got home.

The grass is greening slowly, and lots of little things are shooting out of the ground, but it’s still predominately brown and grey in the ravine. This part of spring is so slow. It will be another month before spring truly flaunts itself. I can’t wait.


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