Spectacularly nice evening. Kids are out…so…shoved some food down my throat and leashed up the dog for a quiet frolic in the woods. Turns out, lots of people had the same idea, so it wasn’t that quiet, but still very pleasant. The creek-hugging trail Maggie and I favour is muckified in parts, but walkable after a few sunny, snow-free days so we fooled around in there awhile, waiting for the columns of people venturing into Whitemud to pass. Twenty minutes later, the bottom of the ravine was empty again, but Maggie seemed reluctant to go up the hill. I think it had more to do with the previous six craps than her energy level. Sore bum, in other words. Nevertheless, once she got started, she scaled the hill bravely, looking quite lovely in the long shadows of dusk.

After about 90 minutes, we both agreed that this was a great thing to do after dinner.



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