Sorrow in the Grass

Sorry grass. On behalf of all Edmontonians (except Maggie) I apologize for the snow. On Friday, when it rained, you popped your head out of the wet, fragrant ground, your shiny blades blushing green in the warm spring showers. On Saturday and Sunday, your cheerful arrival was smothered by a sky full of menace. Please take comfort in the knowledge that our souls have also been crushed, and we stand with you in broken-hearted fellowship, and yet…ever optimistic that you will once again rise to the full, green splendour that is you…grass, in the spring.

(Maggie on the other hand, loves a fresh snowfall…especially on her snoutal area. Her message to the grass, and to all of us, is to suck it up. She couldn’t have been more joyful on her walk today.)



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