A Beautiful Day

No words can describe how beautiful it was in Whitemud Creek today. My camera could not capture it. And yes, I am blaming my camera. After a busy weekend, a walk with the dog in the woods after a night of fat-flaked snow was exactly the right thing for my depleted soul, as it was too early in the morning for another gin & tonic. With the temperatures hovering around zero for most of December, the ‘pretty’ snow was long gone, leaving exposed ice and brown grass. Nothing lovely about that, but the snow last night has made everything gorgeous again. In fact, the trail along the creek this morning was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some fantastic scenery in my life, very recently in fact, but nothing stirs me more deeply than a forest in snow. All the branches were leaning in toward the trail, heavy with frost, creating a canopy of sparkling white against the blue sky.┬áIt was extraordinary. Maggie was in heaven leaping through the snow, plowing the fresh flakes with her snout. I was with her all the way, metaphorically.


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