Whitemud Walkies


Deep into the sloth portion of December. Not for lack of things to do, but because of it. Swamped, in other words, and the walks have been few and far between. Nevertheless, in between baking my annual batch of chocolate gingerbread, and preparations for a small get together tonight, Maggie and I slipped out for an hour’s frolic in Whitemud Creek. Wonderful. A little windy, but otherwise perfect for walking. -5C is my favourite winter walking temperature; no sweat, no slush, no hat.┬áHad the creek to ourselves, so Maggie was off leash the entire time. Other than the peeing in snow and eating rabbit shit, I’d like to change places with her for a moment while we’re walking. She is just so happy.

Looking forward to 10 days off at Christmas. Oh boy.



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