Hello Whitemud Creek

Maggie in a moment of rare self-restraint

First big walk since I moved on Monday. Well, not quite true. I did have an errand to run in the ol’ neighbourhood on Wednesday, and I was able to add a stroll through the woods near 98th Ave. Today, Maggie and I started out mid-morning and spent two hours in Whitemud Creek Ravine. Beautiful and cool at first, but less autumnal than the last couple of days. The sun makes the difference. Although the ravine is familiar to me after countless dog-sitting gigs over the years, there were a few unusual sights and sounds this morning. Heard some kind of pheasant or grouse, and just before entering the ravine, one giant, weird-ass caterpillar, which Maggie happily did not eat. Bit of a judgement call, take a picture or re-direct Maggie’s attention. Opted for the shot, and Maggie kept her appetite for squishy things in check. The caterpillar was relieved; his little antennae thing deflated when Maggie lost interest. Looking forward to a few more long walks this Labour Day weekend. Don’t miss my old stomping grounds. Yet.


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