Goodbye Mill Creek

Last walk in Mill Creek today. Or, last time to walk in Mill Creek while I still live in the area. Off to another ravine, another creek, for eight or nine months. The trails in and around Mill Creek are so familiar to me, in all seasons, it almost seems unfathomable that I won’t be visiting this green extension to my home on a daily basis. Change is good, and I’m sure it will be beneficial to break a routine or two. Exploring Whitemud Creek with my temporary dog will have its own unique pleasures. She is a most affable companion. However, it’s not without a lot of sadness that I leave this area of town. Walking in Mill Creek is the fuel for my gratitude, my visual and sensual library, and whatever bits of peacefulness I possess. Perhaps this is just the walking. I am a walker, and I have walked along many paths and trails in Edmonton’s river valley. But I started this journey more than fourteen years ago in Mill Creek, and every corner of it has a memory. Thank you Mill Creek Ravine. See ya in eight, maybe nine months.


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