That’s enough, thanks.

Whitemud Creek birches

The dog said ‘no.’

After two, two-hour walks this weekend, Maggie refused to walk up another hill. She just sat down, and only moved when I turned in the other direction. Apparently, I’ve exhausted the dog. Her ‘hybrid vigour’ is not so vigorous anymore. Maggie is nine, and I suppose that’s getting up there for a dog, although she’s always had so much puppy energy. Last night, she was quite stiff and barely moved off the couch. I’m hoping it’s just stiffness from lack of exercise and not something more serious like arthritis. I don’t want to make her sore, but on the other hand it’s awesome to have a walking buddy and I want to have her with me while the opportunity exists. She was regularly walked, but I’ve been told by friends and family that my walks are ‘killer’ and now the dog seems to be agreeing. So…shorter, evening walks this week while it’s hot. May also start walking from work again to a downtown LRT station. In spite of what I said in my last post, I already miss my paths.


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