I started my walk amongst the Mayday trees, spent the middle of it with the apple blossoms, and ended it in a trail of lilacs. Just a short 35 minute walk today, but boy, it smelled heavenly. A top-note to everything was the fragrance of freshly rained-upon greenery. Didn’t even notice the cloudy sky or the coolish temperatures. Can’t say the same for yesterday. I stayed inside even though I could have gone for a walk in between the rain episodes. Actually, I did leave briefly to replenish my supplies of delicious things to dip into my coffee. And then back to my ¬†wet, English murder mystery (thank you Val McDermid.) Had a slight relapse of my ear virus so it’s probably not a bad thing that I was immobile. Still feel a little under the weather today, but the ear thing is mostly ignorable, especially when face to face with hundreds of lilacs in full bloom. And some Sudafed.


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