Senses Working Overtime

Take the north path...

I think I’ve used that XTC song title before for a post, but I can’t think of another phrase that fits as well. Visually, the newly foliated trees and bushes are almost at their summer fullness, which seems impossible compared to last week. All that new life spilling sweet perfume and piney resin scents, and puffs of poplar seed wafting in the air…no wonder the birds sing so fervently. Another sign of summer? The bees are once again bumping into my forehead. I love the noise they make: zzzzzzZUHzz, which is Bee for D’oh, or perhaps something worse.

...or Mill Creek South?

Stayed in Mill Creek today, and just extended the walk south to the trestle bridges. It doesn’t matter how many times I walk under those old wooden train tracks, it always feels extraordinary. Of course, the entire ravine is extraordinary, but this seems like a bonus feature. There’s not a lot of historical structures around, so to have this in the middle of the woods is unique. Sort of like an Inca ruin. Or not.

Mill Creek Pool is open again, which means audible screams and glimpses of bright blue water through the trees. Another sign of summer. You know, I consider myself to be a winter person, who loves summer. But I’m thinking maybe I’m a summer person who loves winter, if that makes any sense. I love cats and dogs, but I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person. But now that I’ve had a cat for 11 years, I think maybe I’m as much if not more of a cat person. I guess it doesn’t really matter. It’s just so damn nice out there, I can’t imagine wanting it to be anything other than what it is.




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