Sunday in the Ravine

Sunday morning

Thank you assorted Forest Gods and Godettes for not allowing the wind to persuade you to whack me in the head with a falling branch. Although the creak in the canopy was very ominous, I escaped harm. The trails, however, are littered with debris, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The wind clears the trees of dead branches, which provides a very nice crunch underfoot, and all us skin-types get a light dermabrasion. Wind is nature’s apricot scrub.

On the weekends, I don’t wear my watch. I just keep on trucking until I feel tired, which today was about two and a half hours. One end of Mill Creek to the other, and over to McKinney. I swear it was greener on the way back. It’s certainly much greener than it was on Friday, and a lone May Day tree by the Muttart is in full bloom. Lots of dandelions too, which in my opinionĀ is an unfairly maligned flower, or weed as it is more commonly known. I think they’re beautiful. The smell in the river valley right now is unbelievable. This is the part of Spring where change is fast and dramatic. Edmonton will be a transformed city in a week, and all our complexions will be glowing.

It's OK, I love you...



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