Bright Shiny Morning

Hello Spruce

Walked to work this morning, and in addition to a large serving of smug, it was a spectacularly lovely walk. The birds were singing, the new born leaves smelled wonderful, and the sky was the deepest blue. That was the first half. The second half was, by necessity, on street level because I left late and had to opt for a shorter route. However, the less than dulcet sound of traffic was easily drowned out by the entirely dulcet and far more edifying sounds of Mark Knopfler on my iPod Touch.

Walked home through the legislature and then doubled back through Skunk Hollow. The lilacs are a few days away from bursting into full purpletude. At the moment, they look like bunches of tiny grapes. Both walks were uneventful, but deeply pleasant. Especially the morning. Nice walking with Mr Robin and Mr Knopfler.


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