Blow Me

Courtesy of the Dirt

O Spring!

So full of promise and yet, so persnickety, so hard to love. When you’re not being brown, you’re being windy. You collapse into brush fires, you snow when you should rain, and you hardly rain at all most years. And just when everything turns lovely, summer rolls in and we forget what a long, troubled path it was to get there. The good news? You smell good. Really good. And you are all about potential, and that makes you the most relatable of all the seasons.

Long walk yesterday and a shorter one today, with bonus hair re-styling. A bit 80’s, but whatevs…the grass is green and the leaves are starting to unfurl. Two weeks, when my holidays start, things will be lush and blooming. A disturbing amount of mosquitoes on the trail but it was more of a swarming than a land n’ bite. (Hello dragonflies? You are needed. Please return.)┬áIn spite of the infestation, we could really use some rain. And a lot less of the blowy stuff.


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