Blue Morning

It felt like summer on my walk this morning. In spite of the relatively low temperature, it was wonderfully warm on my back, and folks were out in their t-shirts and shorts. I was even buzzed by a fat bee. Not a lot of green around, but the creek has its summer bubble on and freshly dipped dogs are back on the trails in full force. For almost the entire two hours of my walk, I was surrounded by butterflies of the orange persuasion. A few yellows too, fluttering a few feet in front of me, sometimes alighting on the ground, but never for long. At times it felt like an escort. Maybe they’re on to me.

Started my walk in Rossdale and hiked a loop around north and south Mill Creek. Trails were full of people. Glad I walked this morning. Yesterday, I had planned an afternoon walk and it rained, which is the forecast for today too. Caught up on some reading and visiting instead. Didn’t want to miss the sun again today, and I was not disappointed. It was bee-utiful.


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