Goose Effigy on the Turtle Effigy

Turtle Goose Effigy

Wonderful walk. Wasn’t sure I’d get to have my after work stroll when it started raining this morning, but by noon, the sun had come out. New life is starting to drown out the dead brown stuff. There’s even bits of green grass here and there, a few tiny leaves, and one of the botanical society gardens at the Muttart has some sprouting crocuses. Or is that croci?

Took the LRT to downtown, and then walked up Grierson Hill to McKinney. A lone goose was standing in the middle of the Turtle Effigy, waiting for me to walk by with a camera. Just down the hill from the Effigy, a robin with

Robin Red-Chest

the loveliest ruby-red breast was perched on a tree. He refused to sing, but he didn’t fly away either, which I thought was rather nice of him. Oh to have a macro lens. A real macro lens.

The frog bog was once again bubbling with frog song. Flipped on the video and finally captured that crazy sound, although the picture is kind of grainy. Can’t distinguish the singing frogs from the humping frogs. Maybe it’s better that way.


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