Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

A singular tree in Muttart

As in life, as on the trails. Pretty mucky, and a lot of slip-sliding down the trails, but first day back in Mill Creek. Bit of a cheat, really. I took the LRT to the north side and then walked from downtown. It was 5:25 by the time I emerged out of the woods, or 23 minutes after the sun set. Kinda dark, but OK. In fact, it was quite pleasant. Just me n’ the magpies.

The only thing worse than 65 cm of snow is a sharp rise in the temperature a few days later. I’ve been trying to avoid the streets but most of the river valley paths have to start somewhere. In the ravine, the narrow corridors are still solid snow. It’s just the exposed areas that are mush. Those that aren’t mush are either oatmeal or cookie dough, but a lovely day nonetheless. Beautiful sun, blue skies, warm weather. It’s a much-needed break from god’s wrath.

Sunrise: 8:31 AM/Sunset: 5:02PM

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