Ice Ice Baby

Bird (dog, coyote) feet below the Walterdale Bridge

Wow. Can’t believe I stayed upright for the entire 75 minute walk. It was close, though. The streets were OK, but once I dipped into the river valley, where the temperature is just a little cooler, it was sheer ice. On a slope. The rain this morning didn’t help. However, I’m happy for the longer days, even if the walks are a little challenging. Good for the abs, but must remember to exhale.

Over the Walterdale Bridge and then through Rossdale, hugging the edges of the pathways where there was still traction. Can’t stand those timid little steps across the ice. Cramps my style, and my speed. Better to be slow(ish) I suppose, than fractured.

EPCOR is being dismantled. It’s just OR now. I feel a detour looming, but I hope the south path stays open. It’s suprisingly lovely, when it’s not covered by ice. Saw my one and only marmot, or reasonable facsimile, on the path near EPCOR, I mean OR. Maybe it was a muscrat.


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