Ring Out, Solstice Bells

a blushing moon

Finally, the shortest, darkest day of the year. Winter Solstice. The first day of winter. Not that any of this is in itself a remarkable piece of news. One stumble outside into a 6ft snowbank is reminder enough that it’s not summer. No, eighteen hours of soul-sucking dark is not a thing to celebrate. What is worthy of celebration? These four whisper thin, white chocolate almond cookies in my hand. Also, the reversal of the light/dark ratio. After today, the northern hemisphere will begin it’s slow turn back toward the sun. More light, in other words. Pagans everywhere are throwing off their clothes and slaughtering the fatted turducken.

Coincidentally, last night was the first lunar eclipse to overlap the winter solstice in 372 years. Just like last time, I slept right through it.

No walk today. Too dark.

Sunrise: 8:48 am/Sunset: 4:16 pm

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