Pure Cadmium Yellow

It hurts like burning

Yeah, I’ve been lazy about writing, but the colour-saturated visuals in the river valley are currently kicking the ass out of any feeble attempt of mine to describe the landscape. Sure, there’s ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’, and if I’m truly inspired, ‘really pretty’, and ‘really beautiful’, but overall, my words are a disappointment, and my camera skills are basic at best. Thanks alot autumn, for being indescribable.

In the waning days of September, the temperature has turned mild. A hard rain yesterday morning gave way to a ferociously blue sky in the late afternoon. It was back today, and against that deep blue backdrop, the yellow trees appeared luminous. Straight out of the tube, as they say in the painting biz. In fact, the entire river valley looks like a painter’s palette, before the mixing and muting of the colours. It is really pretty. That’s it. That’s all I have to say.

5:45 PM/17C

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