Stark contrasts

a warmer palette

My walk today was a confusion of the senses. The temperature started out cool, but ended in sweaty, summery heat. Glad I wore my shorts, even though it’s been awhile since my legs have seen any colour. Not a problem for me, but you know, it’s not fun for my fellow river valley enthusiasts. Mill Creek looks like a post-explosion landscape. Splashes of red, yellow and green debris, bordered by grey, defoliated branches. The quiet creek, and a near empty trail,

a cooler palette

pierced by the waterfall-like crunch of feet on leaf-strewn paths. Something happened down here. Autumn, just past it’s peak.

The drastically changed landscape occurred in the blink of an eye. Two weeks ago, it was mostly green, and now, in spite of the warmth, winter seems so much nearer. I can see the November trees pushing through, taking over. Parts of the river valley, previously hidden by thick green foliage, are slowly being revealed. The searing light of an eye-level, winter sun. Bah! It’s all good. September to December are my favourite months.


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