The Day That Wasn’t

Ahhhh....wait a second! This isn't the day that was!!

It was not nice. There was no blue sky. No puffy clouds. It was cold, and misty. Yesterday, rain. I’m not complaining, well maybe I am. Late nights at work, so river valley walking out of the question anyway. Still, a few more sunny, warm days would be most welcome.

I know it’s fall, judging by the amount of casseroles I’ve eaten lately. The birds know it’s fall, judging by the amount of seed they’re eating (and flinging) out of my bird feeder. My petunias know it’s fall, judging by how shitty they look. I love fall! It’s just…I’m not ready to give up the lush. And the light. The casseroles can stay.

The day that was

Walked home down Saskatchewan Drive. Boring, but serviceable. At least I can see the river valley. Tomorrow, a long walk. Get rid of some of this residual grumpiness…

6:20 PM/12C

Sunrise: 6:57 AM  Sunset: 8:06 PM

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