A Monday in September

Blue River

Really quite spectacular outside. Cool, but bright. Lots of sun, lots of blue sky. Labour Day long weekend, so many people (and dogs) out enjoying the river valley. It was supposed to rain today, and it may still, but so far, it’s the nicest day of the ‘weekend.’

I should probably stop taking pictures of the North Saskatchewan River from the Cloverdale Bridge, but I just love the view. It really changes, depending on the weather and time of year. Now, we’re headed into the ‘aquamarine’ phase of the season, when the water is low and the river turns an unlikely shade of blue. The next best time of year (for the river) is in late Fall, when the pancake ice arrives. Who doesn’t like pancakes? Months away, I hope, but still something to look forward to…visually.

Ran up the stairs near Connor’s Hill. Good view of the river valley, which currently looks like an Impressionist painter has applied accents of yellow here and there, to draw the eye and compliment the dense swath of green. Just in the last week, the yellow has become more noticeable. Must be those few really chilly days we’ve had. Knocked the chlorophyll right out of the leaves. More to come, I presume.

1:30 PM/12C

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