Again? Really?

Good things about the rain:

It’s smells nice

It sounds nice

Dark clouds are lovely

Green is better than brown

My running shoes are as clean as the day I bought them

This province-city-ravine can always use an extra gulp of water, whereas my backpack-jacket-umbrella-hair-face can live without it

Bad things about rain:

It’s cold

It makes me wet

It makes my electronic things wet (although my iPod and camera seem to have survived)

It shortens a much anticipated and much needed long walk

It starts when I leave work

It ends when I arrive home

And possibly the worst thing about rain...today…the $#!^&! sun came out! That big &^%!% yellow thing in the sky! That thing mocking me as I sit shivering in my hoody, my hair soaked, my socks soaked, when I should be on the trails. I suppose I could go out now, but it’s not the same. And whose to say it won’t rain again?

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. In wetsville.

5:00 PM/12C

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