Mill Creek Runneth Over

A non-threatening cloud over McKinney

The unusual thing about today’s walk, other than I stayed dry for the entire length of it, was the sound of the creek. I could hear the rushing water from all points along the trail system, including the upper paths which are relatively far removed from the creek. One of the bridges I use most frequently stretches over a part of the creek which at this time of year, is normally just a dirty snail of water. Today it was a torrent, and the really cool thing is that under all the bridges, the grass along the banks was wet and flattened, meaning the water was even higher yesterday. If it hadn’t poured on my way home on Wednesday, I would have taken the longer route into Mill Creek and witnessed this myself.


The weather has dictated the length of my walks these last few days, but not today. Had a couple of appointments, and rather than go back and forth to work, I opted for a day off. Good choice, because I had nothing but sunshine. The ravine was quite humid and the paths still wet and even impassable in some places, but thanks to the little off-ramps along the way, I managed to stay relatively mud-free. And swear-free.

And now, an hour since I got back from my lovely and warm walk, and about a half hour until I would normally leave work and begin my walk, and  I see that the sky has clouded over and there is a severe thunderstorm warning.  HA!  I say…HA! HA!

3:30 PM/21 C

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