Again? Really??

The official Legislature greeter bunny

Ah…sun. You’re back!

Couldn’t wait to get outside and walk. The trails by the University were impossibly thick and fragrant. The birds were singing, the bunnies hopping in and out of the flowers at the Legislature. What’s this? What’s that grey thing in the west? Damn.

About a half hour into my walk it started to rain. I’d taken the downtown route and was about to cross the street near the MacDonald Hotel. I had no gear, no umbrella (it broke yesterday), and no coat (it was supposed to be warm.) When it really started to pour, I fished around in my wet pockets for coins, but there was nothing but a moist post-it note reminder to pick up some pop. Decided to walk over the bus shelter anyway, but a few moments of the wet dog smell drove me back out into the rain. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as yesterday, but I had such high hopes for the walk, and even higher hopes for my hair, but both were doomed to failure. By the time I made it up to the Old Timer’s Cabin, the rain had stopped and the sun was out. A fat slice of sunshine for my rain sandwich. I like the rain. In fact, I love it most times, but I’m tired of dripping. It’s undignified.

5:52 PM/23C

Sunrise~5:23 AM/Sunset~09:57 PM

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