Summer in Edmonton

Summer in the city

Endless walks on endless trails. Grasshoppers. Trickling creeks. Millions of green leaves on thousands of trees and shrubs in the river valley. Fat bees. Fat paperbacks. Flowers. Giant blue dragonflies. Fake tanning lotion. The smell of sunscreen. Burned shoulders. Fizzy drinks. Freckles. Dueling fans. Festivals. Gallagher Hill lit by a thousand candles. Mini-bridges in Mill Creek Ravine. Mini-donuts at the Ex. The Legislature fountains. The Godzilla fountain.┬áLong movies in air-conditioned theatres. BBQ’s. Blaring radios. 60’s and 70’s pop songs. Kodachrome. Summertime. In the Summertime. Summertime Blues. White Hot. Thunderstorms. Jugs of Kool Aid. Hoses. Sandals. Flat cats on cool tile floors. Bikes. Blue Rodeo. Eating al fresco. Everything al fresco. Gravel roads. Lime popsicles. Lime Crush. Key Lime Pie. Sparkling Lemonade.┬áHolidays. Pools. Lakes. Walks in the morning. Walks in the evening. Humidity. Heat. Fargo. The Eva Sweet downtown waffle stand. Wild Earth Bakery’s trail mix cookies.The Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge. Blue toe-nail polish. Discovering new trails. Discovering new places to sweat. Bird song. Potato salad. Taber corn. Strathcona Farmer’s Market blueberries. Strathcona Farmer’s Market tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, carrots, kettle corn. Thongs…I mean flip-flops. Marble Slab ice-cream. Louise McKinney Park. The River Queen lumbering down the North Saskatchewan. Lawnmowers. Daylight until after 10 PM. Screeching magpies at 5:00 AM. Shorts. Deep blue skies. The sound of skateboards on gritty sidewalks. Motorcycles. Voices on the street after dark. Fireworks. Fresh-cut grass. Decks. Wet dogs in Mill Creek Ravine. Boys with sticks in Mill Creek Ravine. Girls with thick tubes of pastel-coloured sidewalk chalk. Overheated afternoon naps dreaming of snow. (OK, maybe that’s just me.)

3:01 PM/26C

Sunrise~5:15 AM/Sunset~10:02 PM

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