But where are the cows?

The University Farm, and a fresh crop of hybrid students

I walked today...alot…but not in the river valley. Does that count?

Spent the morning digging in my sister’s garden, and the afternoon walking home. My choice, just for something different. Two hours from Southeast Edmonton to the Strathcona area, via the University farm. I got a bit lost, or at least re-directed to a different part of the farm than was my intention. Didn’t see any cows, which was a disappointment. There’s usually one or two mooing about. Ended up in Parkallen, I think, but I’m not entirely sure. Just kept walking east. Good thing I brought my iPod.

Managed to avoid several storms, but was treated to awesome visuals for the last hour of my walk.

Not the river valley, but a walk is a walk. Shame about the cows, though…

4:00 PM/24C

Sunrise~5:15 AM/Sunset~10:02 PM

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