O Shade!

delicious shade

The storm seems to have melted away…

I walked the length of Mill Creek this morning, starting around 9:00, and the entire time I was serenaded by rumbly clouds to the northeast. One half of the sky was a hot blue, and the other was purple and grey, like the bruise I’m currently sporting on my shin. I suppose it might still rain, and with this heat, it will just make the air inside wet. Or wetter.

There were many people on the trails this morning; the usual cohort of dog walkers and mothers with jogging strollers, but also kids, bikers, running groups, couples, other walkers, would-be swimmers wandering around, waiting for Mill Creek Pool to open. Evidence of a collective desire to get some exercise before the sun sucks the will to live out of a person. Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit, but my afternoon walk yesterday noodlized me for hours. Mid-morning there is still lots of shade. At 20C, I wouldn’t say it was cool, but the canopy did provide some relief. Also, it’s just so lovely in the ravine when it’s a dark and the white hot sun hasn’t bleached out the green.

10:40 AM/23C

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