River High, Ravine Deep

The North Saskatchewan runneth over

A sunny walk home for a change. Not complaining, really, but the sun is so cheering after four days of gloom. Not sure who’s perkier, me or my petunias.

The river was even higher today. There is a long dugout near the Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge that only fills with water when the river is at it’s highest. It’s several feet above the river bank so this doesn’t happen very often. It was clear yesterday, but today it’s half-full. The river has picked up all sorts of debris from the banks, like logs and branches. Judging by the number of people leaning against the rails, there are a lot of folks with nothing better to do but watch logs move from one side of the bridge to the other. I’m one of them. It’s very Zen.

Took the LRT over to Churchill Station, up the stairs and through a crowd of sparkling grad students, and then into the river valley. Not really a long walk, only about an hour. More on the weekend.

5:58 PM/19C

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