Hey…it’s the sun!

This might take awhile to dry out...

At least I think that’s what it was…it all happened so fast.

Coolish walk home. Had an errand to run near 109 St, so walked down the Walterdale hill to the bridge, and then up 105 St to downtown. This is the route I take in the winter when it’s dark. It’s got the hill factor, which is good, and it’s well-lit. Anyway, walked over to the Shaw Centre, and then into McKinney. Managed to avoid rain, even though the moody clouds followed me all the way home. Total time: about an hour and a half.

The river is the highest I’ve seen it for a very long time. There is no sandy shore at the moment, no little islands for the seagulls, and the water is the colour of ┬ámud. Mill Creek is running so fast I almost wish I had a raft. Even the frog bog is a lake. The duck that lives there was waddling ahead of me on the trail. It kept turning around and glaring at me, until finally, it flew back to the bog. I guess I’m more annoying than I thought.

Hope it’s sunny tomorrow. I’m sick of bad-hair days.

5:54 PM/14C

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