It’s Too Hot

no place for a lady

Just kidding. It’s perfect.

Woke up to the sound of two baby magpies testing their voices in a tree outside my window. I gave them the number of a vocal coach. Then, usual stroll up to the market. Then, brunch. Then, gossip. Then Mill Creek South via 76th Ave. Nothing much to report, just a lovely day, and a lovely walk. It did get hot after hour one, especially when I ran up the stairs at the end of the ravine (near Connor’s Hill), but nothing unexpected on a late-spring day. Lots of wet dogs ambling about.

Now that the rain has subsided, the poplars have resumed their fuzzification of the woods. It does give the air an ethereal quality, but ethereal only goes so far when a seed gets caught between your eyeball and a contact lens.

2:21 PM/22C

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