The Dog Walker


No need to lay out on a rock like a reptile, my blood has warmed. As is the prerogative of the rich (not me) and the vacationing (me), I spent almost two hours in the woods ambling about with no particular path or goal in mind. Did the stairs by the French School (Ecole something or other) for a bit, then over to Rutherford, Mill Creek, McKinney and various other monkey trails, until thirst finally trumped adventure.

I suppose I could have availed myself of a water fountain, but the last one I passed (in Henrietta Edwards Park) was occupied by The Dog Walker and four of his charges. I see the Dog Walker all the time, and have for years, so I was surprised when he showed up on my TV one night a few years ago in a documentary. GREAT doc, and interesting dude. Very shy, but his dogs always seem quite jolly. I saw him a couple of times today; near the boat, and then later by the fountain. He was sitting quietly on the bench with his grinning dogs, writing in a notebook. The quantity and type of dog always changes, but the Dog Walker is as a dependable feature of the river valley as magpies, meandering creeks, and another walker, sans dog (or dogs.)

I’m always happy to see Mr D. Walker and his dogs, but not as happy as I imagine the dogs (or the dog owners) are to see him.


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