A Rare Sight

a single bloom

Waited until the late afternoon before I stepped outside in my shorts. It was a slow graduation. Started out this morning in my jammies. Then capris for a lunch date in South Side Common. Finally, the shorts. It was 16C when I started my walk around 4:00 pm, and about 18C when I finished, about an hour and a half later. It just felt colder today, even though it was warmer than yesterday. I think I need to lay myself out on a rock slab like a reptile and let the sun warm my blood.

Maybe tomorrow.

A late winter bloom

About 45 minutes into my walk I stumbled across the rare Glovewood Tree in full bloom. I was tempted to pick the fragile flower but I remembered reading somewhere that Glovewoods are quite unique to these parts, and can only be found along the sides of trails in the days following the last snowfall. Almost all Glovewoods have just one bloom (which flower in a huge variety of colours, sizes, and weaves), and disappear shortly after their distinctive, glove-like flower blooms, usually within a week or two. I feel very lucky indeed!

5:45 PM/17C

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