View from Ezio

That’s the sound my skin made when it hit the cold air.

Had to go to work today for a brief presentation, delaying my walk for a couple of hours. Brought a tank top and shorts, thinking that by the time I left work, it would be warm. Wrong. Cloudy skies and chilly winds greeted me at the door, and by ‘greet’ I mean, ‘slapped.’ It’s quite fascinating to see how quickly my skin can turn bright red. Damn my ruddy-faced ancestors!

In an attempt to get warm, I ran up the stairs by the Glenora Club. Or most of them. The top few I wobbled up, my heaving chest throwing me off balance. Then, through Ezio Faraone Park, which was packed with people, most of whom appeared to be participating in a noon fitness class. What a way to ruin lunch.

Instead of the MacDonald Hotel stairs, I took a different set near the Chateau Lacombe, which were pretty but I had to jaywalk in several places to get back to a real trail. Not sure where it would have taken me had I stayed on the sidewalk leading from the stairs, but I’m guessing back toward the Leg underpass. Wrong direction.

Stole a few more Lilacs on the way home. Never really warmed up, but at least my skin resumed a normal colour. If you can call that normal.


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