Hello Sun!

The fuzzing of Mill Creek begins...

The first sunny day in…well...a few, anyway. The air in the river valley is infused with the sweet scent of new life and everywhere else the smell of freshly mown grass. And the birds have turned their songs up to maximum volume. I always say my favourite season is winter, but after six or seven months of sense deprivation, spring, this part of spring, is like all my senses stimulated at once. Senses working overtime, to quote Andy Partridge.

Mill Creek is full of poplar fuzz. I hope it’s not toxic because I ate quite a lot of it. (Note to self: stop walking with mouth open, you’re not a whale taking in krill.) Took a few shots but the fuzz doesn’t register very well, in spite of the quantity. In some areas it looks like it’s snowing, especially if a biker disturbs a pile on the edge of the trail, or someone, possibly a walker, possibly me, kicks at the settled pillows of fuzz just to watch them fly up into the air and then waft gently downward in the sunlight. Things to do on the trail…

Checked in at the frog bog but it remains amphibian-free, I think. No bubbles on the surface, no tiny splashes. No moaning, groaning, or croaking. I’ll keep watching but I’m pretty sure the frogs would have made their presence known by now. More room, I suppose, for the other slimy things that live in bogs. Still, I’ll miss the froggies.

2:58PM/15C (but it feels warmer)

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