Fire-bombed by Vitamin D

Japanese garden

My friend and I decided to check out the Devonian Gardens to see what was sprouting. Not much. It’s beautiful and serene, especially in the Japanese garden, but there wasn’t much going on but squabbling geese and brittle grass. Found a beetle on his back, all sixteen arms flailing in panic, and so I flipped him over. Figured my good deed was deserving of a double scoop of ice cream, which it was, and so we did.

The ‘wetlands’ trail really needs to be renamed. Perhaps the ‘notsowetlands’, or the ‘notwetatall’ lands. The boardwalk stretches across dead reeds and old cattails. The only water is a pond far off in the distance.


The last time I was at the Devonian was in December for the Luminaria walk. All the trails were lit up by small votive candles. It was -25, but there were bonfires with hot cider on tap, which made the hour survivable.   It hardly seems like the same place today.

Had my friend drop me off at Laurier, and somewhere in between Laurier and my home (about an hour and 15), I got burnt to a crisp. My sunscreen expired in April 2009. On the bright side, and there was plenty of bright, I have now received a year’s worth of vitamin D in one day!


3:47 PM/24C

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