HOOT! (Saturday, Pt II)

Great Horned (not real horn) Owl

Later on in the evening, went hunting for the rumoured owls in Whitemud Creek, and found three of them! I have NEVER seen an owl in the wild before, and it wasn’t just any old owl, it was the Great Horned Owl. And, we also saw two Great Horned Owl babies. As my niece explained to me, the tufts of feathers on its head are neither ears, nor horns, but merely…tufts of feathers. Uh..thanks, but I think they’re eyebrows.

The owl was sitting very high up on a tree. Through my binoculars, I could clearly see the owl staring straight at me with it’s yellow eyes. I felt kind of honoured to be noticed amongst all the people and squirrels. They must have heat-seeking eyesight. The burn on my shoulders from earlier today is still radiating great plumes of super-heated air. I feel combustible. And happy. I saw an owl! ¬†Also, beavers.

9:02 PM/20C

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