pink and frilly

Who’s a lovely day? Who’s a lovely day? You are! You’re a lovely day! Truly. All warm and pretty and sweet-smelling. Now the impatience begins. I’m happy with the progress of the green thus far, but I’m greedy. I want more. I want lush.

The great thing about this time of year in Edmonton is that once spring really begins (in May), it’s fast. Just like autumn. We spend a lot of time loitering about in the inbetween states of ┬ápost-autumn and post-winter, both of which are brown, brown, and…uh… brown. When the first yellow leaf falls from a poplar tree, you know that thousands will follow in a matter of weeks. And then we wait, and wait for the snow to break up the dreary geometry of leafless trees and desolate landscapes. The snow melts, and the brown returns. But…a few months later, after the ubiquitous May snowfall, and much swearing, the Mayday trees finally pop their perfumed buds, and you know, ya just know, lush is just around the corner.

5:58 PM/21C

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