Tulips are overrated

Distracted by the thrill of wearing sandals again, I forgot my running shoes. Blargh. Couldn’t walk home in my sandals, so I had to take the bus. On a beautiful day. However, I slapped on my running shoes as soon as I walked through the door and…wait. That’s not true. I fed the cat. That’s what I did first. That’s what I always do first. That’s what I must do first. And then I slapped on my shoes and and went for a walk.

Passed by a dying bird on the Low Level Bridge. I think it was a chick, but I’m not sure. There was was a lot of scattered feathers and blood. Must have been hit by a car, or maybe it was attacked by another bird. I didn’t know what to do, except cry. The poor thing was clearly minutes away from death, and as I moved away, I wished for a swift end to the bird’s suffering.

Later on in Mill Creek, I noticed that someone had put some black sunflower seeds and dried corn on a tree stump for the birds. So kind, and very cheering after that dreadful scene on the bridge. The rest of the walk was uneventful, but pleasing to my soul. Fragrant, warm, and full of birdsong.

6:40 PM/20C

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