The Geese are Back!

The North Saskatchewan River looking very curvy

It’s a beautiful blue sky 15C afternoon so Tom and I did the most logical thing – we walked to Hawrelak to officially welcome back the geese. There was a lot of them. We couldn’t get too close, either because the ground was too wet or the geese were too angry.

Two of a thousand returning geese
That’s close enough…

March has been incredibly warm, so we’ve lost most of the snow and the river is slowly melting. The gorgeous patterns of the thin covering of river ice cover changes daily.

Doesn’t really capture the majesty of hundreds of squawking geese

It was a great walk, but long and warm. I had my coat tied around my waist and there were lots of pebbles in my running shoes. Well worth it though to see all the geese. They always seem to come back too early, but this year it seems like we’re getting early spring.

Emily Murphy Park on the way back

16C!! 15,214 steps.

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