Holy Coyote!

Hi doggy!

AMAZING walk today with Tom. Aside from the usual niceness, we spotted a coyote, just below the MacKinnon Bridge. There was a family (with a stroller) about to walk into its path. I yelled down but I think they’d already spotted it and backed up.

The coyote was watching them closely, but turned the other way once it got to the top of the hill. He looked really beautiful and fluffy, but possibly moulting? A friend suggested mange. I hope not. I contacted the U of A Coyote Project just to get their thoughts.

UPDATE: I contacted the very nice Colleen St. Clair at the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project and she said this: “My colleagues at Animal Damage Control agree that those are shoulder mites on the shoulders, which coyotes seem to get from dogs. They weren’t sure about that black patch on the tail. It might just be black fur, but it might also be the start of mange.” Poor coyote. He looked very healthy and alert, other than the fur.

Always love spotting wildlife, especially when I can grab a photo or two. Also saw a leaf that looked like a tree and another example of the rare Glovewood Tree (in bloom), but not as spectacular as the coyote!

The rare Glovewood Tree (in bloom).
This leaf looked like a tree to me, maybe from whence it came?

12,000+ steps, about 2C.

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