Lunchtime Walk

Friedrichian landscape

Beautiful lunch time walk today with Tom. I drove over and we walked his usual route from Glenora to MacKinnon Ravine and Laurier.

Tom, along Ravine Drive
From MacKinnon Ravine

I could only go so far because I had to go back to work, but Tom carried on for another couple of hours. I went down into MacKinnon Ravine and was met with a damp, empty trail. It was a bit eerie. Once I got to the open part of the trail next to the river, there were more people.

More Friedrichian landscape…

The colour in the sky today, even though it was overcast, was quite Friedrichian – greys and yellows. Some blue sky but mostly a mottled grey.

The trail going up to Glenora

13C, about 90 minutes.

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