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Blue Sky (again)

At the end of Ravine Drive, looking at the city

A broken record, but another beautiful walk with Tom. Frosty but gorgeous blue skies. 14,222 steps but at least 1,500 of that was a brief trip to the grocery store after our walk.

Trail into Laurier Park
Windy day


Lunchtime Walk

Friedrichian landscape

Beautiful lunch time walk today with Tom. I drove over and we walked his usual route from Glenora to MacKinnon Ravine and Laurier.

Tom, along Ravine Drive
From MacKinnon Ravine

I could only go so far because I had to go back to work, but Tom carried on for another couple of hours. I went down into MacKinnon Ravine and was met with a damp, empty trail. It was a bit eerie. Once I got to the open part of the trail next to the river, there were more people.

More Friedrichian landscape…

The colour in the sky today, even though it was overcast, was quite Friedrichian – greys and yellows. Some blue sky but mostly a mottled grey.

The trail going up to Glenora

13C, about 90 minutes.

And I Would Walk 21,152 Steps…

Or about nine miles. Not quite 500 but I think the Proclaimers would still be proud. On Sunday (January 5), I finally walked with Tom on one of his marathon hikes to visit his new found haunt, The Sweet Pea Cafe in Laurier Heights. About a three hour walk from Glenora there and back, with a lovely half hour respite for a coconut milk latte (both of us), a strawberry muffin (him) and cheese and herb scone (me). It was very nice, but a much longer walk than I’m used to. I’m very glad we had that mid-way stop. If I had worn my winter boots, it would have been too painful. Thankfully, there was no snow on the sidewalks, so I wore my running shoes. No probs.

View of Mackinnon Ravine from, as Tom calls it, “the Donna McKinnon Bridge”
A not quite frozen over North Saskatchewan River on Jan 5, which I assume is now frozen solid (Jan 10)

It was an absolutely perfect day to walk. We started around 11:30 when the sun was out and the temperature was a frosty -7C. By the end, the sun was still gloriously bright and the temperature had risen to plus 4C. I knew this would be the day to walk, since the following two weeks (I am writing this on Friday, January 10) would be brutally cold. And it is. It snowed 15 cm on Wednesday, and this morning, I waddled to the bus stop under dark skies and -23C temperatures. Double gloves. Hood up. Frown on. Still, it’s sunny so that helps. Sort of.

Tom, shortly after he walked his millionth step (over the past 37 days). Yes, he tracks that kind of thing…

The Sunday walk was a version of what Tom does almost every day. He’s become quite the warrior. Or maybe it’s OCD? In any case, he is unwavering. Not sure how he will do it or if he will do it next week when the temperature drops to -27C as the high for several days, but if there is a way, he will find it. Unfortunately, there is an Oilers game on Tuesday, so we will both have to figure out how to get there without dying. I’m thinking public transit. And lots of Bailey’s.