Beating the Heat

A perfect day (at least in the morning) in MacKinnon Ravine

Happy August! Early(ish) walk this morning, although not as early as Tom who left at 5:50 am. I tried, but needed another hour of sleep (and breakfast) so I left around 8:30 am.

I picked a now familiar walk down the stairs from Victoria promenade but this time I went all the way down to Victoria golf course, turned right on River Road and into MacKinnon Ravine.

One of the many little monkey trails in MacKinnon Ravine

It was already warm in the sun, but I stuck to the shade where possible. Thankfully the short, steep hill up to MacKinnon bridge was still entirely in shade. Two guys ahead of me were wearing large backpacks. I said hi but didn’t stop to ask if they were in training, or traveling (unlikely) or what they were up to with such a heavy load on a hot day. I’m glad to see that people on the trails are still friendly in spite of the distancing protocols.

Beautiful Glenora (Ravine Drive)
The North Saskatchewan River from Glenora

Once across the bridge, I wound my way around Ravine Drive and Glenora. Close to the always magnificent Graenon heritage house, I spotted a bonus wasp nest. I got as close as I could to take a photo but it was absolutely buzzing with life so I kept my distance.


I decided to walk around the museum on the way home to bump up my steps, and then a sweaty walk the rest of the way home.

In total, about an hour and a half, 11,500+ steps. It was around 18C at 8:30 when I left. It’s now 22C on the way to 30C. Ugh. I will be happy to see the end of this heat wave.

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