16,000 Steps

Poplar seeded trail in Glenora

Gorgeous walk early yesterday morning (June 20). One of Tom’s marathon walks (2 1/2 hours/16,000+ steps) starting in Glenora. Even at 8 in the morning it was hot. We managed to find some shade along the way.

And man, the poplar trees are popl’in seed all over the place.

A poplar tree bursting with seed
The source of the spring ‘snow’

My sisters used to say I took them on ‘killer walks’ but I have to say, Tom has really taken it to a whole new murderous level. He does these walks every day, even on a -25C winter day. I have a lot of stamina, but when you’re outside for almost three hours, if the heat doesn’t get you, your feet will. Or my feet will. I think I need new running shoes.

Tom, the walkiest of all walkers

On a sad note, the Glenora fountain in Alexander Circle and all the other City of Edmonton fountains are not running this summer. I assume this is the result of a destroyed economy thanks to the UCP/Kenney cuts and Covid shutdowns. I know there are other more pressing priorities, but I truly believe that natural beauty (if you can include fountains as ‘natural’) help keep the blood pressure down. Every time I go by an waterless fountain, I am reminded that the city is struggling. I mean, when has it ever shut off the fountains?

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