Friday in Hawrelak

Hawrelak sky

From a monochromatic Sunday (last week) to a spectacularly blue sky on Friday – we’ve had a mini-warmup. Tom and I took advantage of the balmy afternoon and walked to Hawrelak over lunchtime. We did this several times last year in January/February, and like last year, the ice castle greeted us at the entrance to the park. This year, it’s colder so the structure will probably stay intact for longer. It’s beautiful, but hard to take photos of because of the red fence. I guess we will have to pay to see the thing up close ; )

Hawrelak ice castle

Hawrelak rink

It was 2C I think, but it felt chilly until we were about half way through the walk.

Babies. Tasty and nutritious.
Babies. Tasty and nutritious.

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