Ice n’ Nuts

Friday Hawrelak trees
Friday in Hawrelak Park

This post covers last Saturday (Jan 30) and yesterday (Feb 5). On the weekend, we strapped our micro-spikes on and went for a long walk in Whitemud Creek north of Rainbow Valley Road. It was an absolute necessity as the paths are mostly ice after a week of freeze/thaw and some rain. So little snow this year, and since Christmas, a lot of above-zero temperatures.

The walk was great, as usual. I even remembered to bring some seeds and nuts, which were appreciated by the chickadees, nuthatches and of course, the ubiquitous squirrels, or squirrel. Maybe it’s just one. You never know.

Last Saturday feeding the birds in Whitemud
Last Saturday feeding the birds in Whitemud

Yesterday, Tom and I went for a lunch hour (+30 minutes) walk down to Hawrelak Park in the bright sunshine. It was beautiful. I mean, really beautiful. Such a nice reprieve from the office. One minute in a hermetically sealed environment and the next, sitting at a picnic table in a squirrel-filled park eating tuna sandwiches and enjoying just being together and outside in the fresh air.

Today, Saturday, is also nice and sunny but it’s very, very windy so no walk. Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday Whitemud creek
Ice, ice baby (in Whitemud north)

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