Best. Mushroom. Ever.

So beautiful, so deadly (probably)
So beautiful, so deadly (probably)

Fast walk in Whitemud Creek this afternoon. About 90 minutes, from the powerline to Rainbow Valley Road and back. We’ve had lots of rain and now the creek is back to normal, and by normal I mean it’s actually running. Not the brown slow-moving sludge of the previous droughty month. The ravine never stopped looking lush, so it remains a green oasis. Summer at its peak. Or maybe…just past its peak. I did see a few non-green leaves, but I refused to acknowledge them. Yellow flower

Found some really cool mushrooms. They were glowing, as if lit from within. Lit with poison. But boy, what pretty, pretty poison.


I walked in Mill Creek Ravine last week, but it rained, and I was otherwise distracted by…stuff. No photos.

1:00 to 3:30ish/23C

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